• Type: Glaze
  • Measure: 250 ml

Ideal as topping of classic fillet with Balsamic Vinegar or the escalope, is also special with grilled meat, boiled fish and white meats. With tasty rice salads and cold pasta salads, on parmesan cheese, it can be used for salads and grilled vegetables, as well as pasta dishes such as risotto. Exquisite and original even vanilla ice cream.

Other features
IngredientsBalsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI min. 60% (wine vinegar, concentrated grape must), glucose syrup, modified corn starch. Contains sulphites
Shelf life3 years

´┐╝IGP DPC030 n. 21084 da CSQA.
BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety) Version 7 (Grade AA) da CSQA - CSQA Italy IFS International Food Standard Version 6 (Higher Level) da CSQA - Italy ISO14001-9001 da CSQA.
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